September 12th 2023


The second microwave part of the ARRL EME Contest I was QRV mostly on the 6cm band. With the fact that I could replace the TRX with a 3cm band. The replacement was simple and took less than 15 minutes. On Saturday at the beginning of the Contest the activity on 6cm was very weak, no stations from JA or VK, QRV were only UA5Y and SQ6OPG. I continued in the morning and I ended up making 17 QSOs on Saturday. The new digi initials were HB9Q, OH1LRY, DL3WDG and IK3COJ {#30}. On Sunday morning again nothing from the east, there was no QRV station from JA in the race at all, so only SP6GWN managed to do CW in the morning. I switched to 3cm and there Q65-60D made four connections, initial G4HSK {#95} and when the new stations appeared on 6cm I switched back to 6cm. There I was joined by five more stations operated by Q65-60D, initials IK0HWJ, W5LUA and K2UYH {#33}. And after this connection, the antenna was already only 25º in elevation, so I switched to 3cm. Activity was high there and I made 9 QSOs in 50 minutes. The only new station for me was ON4CDU {#96}. And I am very happy that my last EME connection was from Mirek OK2AQ. In total, I made 58 QSOs on the 3cm band over both microwave weekends of the ARRL EME Contest, for the Contest it was 51 QSOs x 28 multipliers. There were 23 QSOs in the 6cm band, then 21 QSOs x 16 multipliers for the Contest. On microwave bands above 2 GHz, the greatest activity is in the 3 cm band. On the other bands, it's just the same enthusiasts, no new stations are added. In addition, in a number of countries there is strong professional interference in the 13 and 6 cm bands. But it was two nice weekends, with excellent weather.

August 14th 2023

ARRL EME Contest MW part1

I was QRV in the first microwave part of the ARRL EME Contest in the 10 GHz band. Activity from Australia and Oceania was small, with only VK7ZBX and JA1WQF. Most stations were from Europe. I made a total of 47 QSOs, 10 of which were CW - initials GB2FRA, OH1LRY and DL3WDG #108. Initials Q65 were HB9Q, YO8RHI, GW3TKH, G4YTL, ON//A0MHE, and F2CT {#93}. A number of new stations use small dishes and low powers, but Q65 mode will allow them to make interesting QSOs. It's a pity that no new OK station appeared.

July 17th 2023

DUBUS EME Contest on 5,7 GHz

For the 6cm DUBUS Contest, I used a new dual mode feed, made from parts of installation Cu pipes and Cu sheet in a 4.2m parabola. Due to the high SFU levels of 180 to 190, I also measured high S/N values of 18dB and moon noise / clear sky noise was 1.5 dB. I also have no interference in my QTH WIFI, so I listened perfectly, unfortunately the power of 25W is small enough to push through strong signals in the Contest. I made 18 QSOs on Saturday, mostly in the morning and afternoon, in the afternoon it was 40ºC in the small my hmasack by the antenna. On Sunday the situation was better and so I made another 9 QSOs in the Contest, the total score is 27 x 26. The new stations for me were DL3WDG and G/SM7FWZ #88 and outside the Contest I made 5 more stations by Q65-60, the initials were PE1CKK, DJ7FJ and DL4DTU {#25}. An interesting situation occurred on Sunday morning, when I was listening to OK1KIR over the moon and RS at the same time, at that time I had the antenna at an elevation of about 30º.

June 22nd 2023

OJ0EME expedition

I spent 4 days on the microwave bands for the OJ0EME expedition. Sunday 18.6. In the morning I left Prague for my EME QTH and installed the 3cm rig in great heat. The first signal I heard was OK1KIR CW call OJ0EME. I also heard dispatch well, and after OK1KIR I also called OJ0EME from report 559/539 #104. Then I switched to Q65-60D mode, successively did OJ0EME -08/-08 {#84}, CT2GUR -08/-12 {#85}, VE4MA and OK2AQ. I measured S/N 18,5 dB (SF158) and moon noise 2,9 dB. Monday 19.6. In the morning I tried rig on 9cm for the next day and in the evening I tried the connection with OE5VRL. The test failed, Rudi was using horizontal polarization and he only heard me -15 and promised to QRV with vertical polarization the next day. Tuesday 20.6. Around 0645 UT I was testing the rig on the 9cm mode Q65-60c and to my great surprise I was called by OJ0EME -18/-15 {#15}. It was their first connection on 9cm and also the first OK–OJ0 QSO on 9cm. Then followed the Q65-60D QSOs with DL1SUZ {#16} and PA3DZL {#17}. And followed by CW QSOs with DB6NT #71 and OJ0EME #72. During the day I tried the 6cm device and in the evening I installed the 3cm device again. I did OE5VRL first Q66-60D {#86} and then CW 559/449 #105 with no problems. In the small spread, Rudi had an excellent signal and the connections went through very quickly. Wednesday 21.6. While waiting for OJ0EME, I made OE5VRL {#20} and PA3DZL {#21} on the 6cm Q65-60D. OJ0EME expedition then without problems -10/-10 {#22} At 6cm I measured S/N 17.5dB (SFU168) and moon noise 1.4dB.

April 3rd 2023

A.R.I. EME Contest - spring part

I was QRV in the spring part of the ARI EME Contest in the 3cm band. I made a total of 24 QSOs of which 7 were CW stations - OK1KIR, HB9BBD, DB6NT, OZ1LPR, OK2AQ, SM4DHN and HB9BHU. Other QSOs were by Q65-60D, initials DK4RC and IU0BTM {#83}. It is the possibility to work with both types of traffic that makes the Contest interesting. High activity was from Italy, I did 6 stations and also tried connecting with IW3ROW, which still has decoding problems. I also didn't make the connection with GI7UGV, I decoded him, but he had problems with reception. Also interesting was QSO with OZ1LPR Q65-60D on Sunday when his TWT went out during QSO with me. Peter replaced the TWT and went out with even more power, for the first time I had a +5 signal level on the Q65-60D, moreover with a large spread. Mainly European stations took part in the race, only VK7ZBX and CX2SC were QRV outside of Europe, there was no activity at all from NA.

March 6th 2023

DUBUS EME Contest on 3,4GHz GHz

I prepared for the Contest in the 9cm band during the winter months. I don't plan to use the 10m mesh dish any more, because it is difficult for me to change to different bands, so I converted the device to a 9cm dish into a 4.2m dish, which I use for microwaves. The problem was that the existing feed did not fit into the holder in the 4.2m parabola. I made a new feed and redid the TRX + SSPA. I also replaced the OCXO in the TRX with a GPS synchronized PLL oscillator. I tested the rig on the Friday before the Contest with good result but also found that I have much more interference on the 3.4GHz band than I did a year ago. In the Contest, I was QRV only in the Saturday part and made OSOs with OH2DG, PA3DZl, OK1KIR, G4CCH, DF3RU, ES5PC, G3LTF, DL6SH #70, 9A5AA, VE6BGT, VE6TA, K2UYH and WA6PY. I had no problem calling, even the reports were excellent, it was rather difficult for me to listen. Activity on 9cm is not good but it was nice CW OSOs with old friends.

November 14th 2022

ARRL EME Contest

I started my November EME activity on 23cm on Wednesday November 9th by connecting with KA6U from Kentucky as WAS #46 and continued on Friday morning with KA6U from Louisiana WAS #47. Saturday morning I QRV for about 3 hours in the ARRL EME Contest on 23cm and made another 14 QSOs for the Contest. I worked 3 digi initials were N9JIM, VE4SA and SK0CT and OK2UZL {#169}. Check score on 23cm is 116 x 49. Then I installed a device for 70cm and was QRV in the second part of the Contest. When I turned on the device on Saturday night, the first signal was Q65-60C from ZL3AAD. Unfortunately, the moon immediately disappeared behind the mountain, as he wrote. I remembered the time almost thirty years ago, when I heard him on 70 cm for the first time in 1994, then CW. I made a total of 47 QSOs and 32 multipliers in the Contest. The 70cm Contest was basically only in digital mode. Sunday morning alone I managed to make a single CW QSO, to my delight with Paul WA6PY. Paul only works CW without the help of the HB9Q logger and I did it in the ARRL Contest on all the bands I was QRV. I made 30 new digi initials the last one was S56P {#93}. Traffic on 70cm was busy, many new stations were from the USA and DL, and stations from all continents could be made. I did stations from 19 DXCC and 21 US and 2 Canadian provinces. In total, in this year's ARRL EME Contest, I made 222 QSOs and 122 multipliers on the 70, 23, 13, 9 and 3 cm bands, which is a result in the single all mode category of 2708400 points.

October 17th 2022

ARRL EME Contest

I was QRV in the next part of the ARRL EME Contest on 23cm, but not quite during my window. Overall, the activity was good, weaker at stations from VK and JA and great at American stations, mainly dgital mode. I made a total of 103 QSOs, of which 43 were CW, the rest using Q65-60C, except for two Q65-30B stations. In total I made stations from 28 DXCCs, 21 US states and 3 Canadian provinces, a total of 49 multipliers. The new CW initials were SA6BUN and WB8HRW #398 and I did a total of 22 digi initials, the last being VE4MA {#165}. I also made two new US states for WAS, expedition WR8AA to VW and AC0RA MO as state 46 to WAS. The connection from WR8AA was even more significant to me in that it was my 6000 EME QSO. Digital traffic prevailed, unfortunately the Q65-60C mode, which the stations mostly used, is slow to race. I made a comparison of how many QSOs I made in the best 60 minutes of operation, CW it was 10 stations and Q65-60C it was 7 stations. The solution would be to use Q65-30B, so far only a few stations have tried it. The nice autumn weather contributed favorably to the course of the contest.

September 19th 2022


The second part of the MW part of the ARRL EME Contest dedicated to the 13cm and 9cm bands took place last weekend. I used an assembly that includes feed + LNA for the 13cm band and an feed + TRX for the 9cm band. The whole assembly weighing 12.5 kg is placed in a 10m focus on a 3m tube and allows a quick change between bands 13 and 9 cm. On Saturday I was QRV on 13cm and made 18 QSOs, digi initials were K3WM and OK1USW {#30} and CW DL1SUZ #166. On Saturday we added 3 more QSOs, digi initial OK1KKD {#31}, the total score for the Contest is 19 x 14. The activity was low, no stations from VK and JA and a lot of stations from EU were also missing. I was pleased that OK1KIR, OK1KKD and OK1USW were also QRV from OK. On Sunday I did on 9cm CW G3LTF, VE6TA, DF3RU, WA6PY, K2UYH and Q65-60C KN0WS. The score for the Contest is 6 x 6. Out of the contest still Q65-60C DF3RU {#14}. There was good activity from NA and that was missing KL6M, which could not work due to strong winds in Alaska. Bad weather also affected the participation of EU stations on both 9cm and 13cm.

August 29th 2022


Last weekend was the first part of ARRL EME on the 6 and 3 cm bands. We were QRV on 3cm where the conditions were not very good, a lot attenuation on the path eart moon and a big sprad of signal. There was heavy fog at my QTH on Saturday and a heavy thunderstorm came through in the afternoon, luckily no damage. It was a little better on Sunday, especially in the afternoon, when it partly cleared up. Activity was high with around 40 stations and traffic was mostly Q65-60D digital mode. I made a total of 34 QSOs of which CW were just OZ1LPR, F5JWF, OH2DG, DL0EF and WA6PY. Operating the Q65-60D and E I made new stations: JA1WQF, ON5TA, LZ4OC, UR3VKE, DL7NN, CX2SC, OH1LRY, VE4MA, BD4SY, IW2FZR, G0OLX, DJ7FJ and DL6ABC {#81}. The total score was 34 QSOs and 21 multipliers. We were happy with the new DXCC LZ, CX and BD and QSO from OH1LRY is already on band 6 from this club station. I meet members of this station at the EME conference in Prague.

July 4th 2022

DUBUS EME Contest on 5,7 GHz

I planned to be QRV to DUBUS EME Contest on 6cm only on Saturday. But then I found out that on Friday there will be QRV KA6U from the state of Oregon that I am missing for the WAS. That's why I installed 23cm on Friday and KA6U did it a while after his MR without problems. Peter had an excellent signal and handled the huge pileup that was on him well. Then I made two more new digi initials OH3DP and OK2AQ {#138}. Mirek had a really great signal with the 1.8m dish and it's an excellent presentation on how to use Pluto's SDR for EME. I was QRV to the first part of the DUBUS EME Contest at Saturday on 6cm and made a total of 21 QSOs. New stations for me were DL4DTU and F5FEN #86. Heard and didn't do K2UYH and WA6FWD yet, signals from NA were very weak this time. Out of the Contest mode Q65-60 I made JA6AHB and new digi initials PE1CKK (1.8m dish and 35W), WA3RGQ and VE4MA {#19}. We also tried CX2SC, Ric heard me -18, but I didn't decode his weak signal

June 6th 2022

DUBUS EME Contest on 13cm

Last weekend, part of the DUBUS EME Contest was on the 2.3GHz band. On Saturday I was QRV all over the window. I started by QSO with VK3NX on 2301.950 MHz, Charlie has strong interference at 2320MHz, so whoever couldn't call him on his frequency had a lot of trouble. JA6AHB was the only QRV station in JA. The activity from the EU was good and I made 2 new stations, OM6AA and SP9VFD # 165. I only made 4 stations from NA and and on Sunday I was QRV for only the first 4 hours it made it to 24 QSOs in the Contest. Outside the Contest, we made a Q65-60C WA3RGQ and tested an SSB QSO. We both heard each other, unfortunately it was not a complete QSO. Ron uses a 3m dish and only 60W. On Sunday, I tried to make OK1KIR together OK2UUJ, so far without success. I also made the Q65-60C OK1DFC and 4X1AJ, Andrey has a 3m dish and only 20W. Nice weather but lower participation than in previous years.

May 30th 2022

DUBUS EME Contest on 10 GHz

Part of the DUBUS EME Contest was in the 3 cm band over the weekend. Unfortunately, this was not the optimal time for connections on the MW bands. Due to the position of the moon, there was a large signal spread for most of the Contest. On Saturday I was QRV 4 hours after the moonrise and 4 hours before the moonset and on Sunday only the first 4 hours. I made 21 QSO CWs for the Contest, no initial. Outside Europe, they were JA1WQF, WA6PY, VE4MA and VK3NX. With digital Q65-60D and Q65-60E I made 10 QSOs outside the Contest, the initials were expeditions TK/HB9CRQ and G0OLX, PA100THALES (PA0BAT), DL3WDG, SM7FWZ, VE6TA and I4TTZ {# 66}. With a big spread, my signals read better in the first part of the window when the moon was rising.

May 9th 2022

DUBUS EME Contest - 23cm part

On Saturday I was in the DUBUS EME Contest on 23cm QRV only the first half of the window and made 34 QSOs. On Sunday I was QRV all over the window and the total result is 60 QSOs. Good activity from Europe, 7 OK stations is also a decent result. NA activity was weaker on Sunday. The new CW initials were K3WM # 395 and N0CTR # 396. Outside the Contest, I made Q65-60C 9 QSOs, the initials were JS6UJS, PA100THALES (PA0BAT), JH7OPT, W2HRO, F4DWB, GI4DOH # 135. The Contest did not benefit from the fact that he was on the same date as II. Subregional Contest, therefore, some stations in Europe were not QRV. For comparison, I made 73 QSOs last year and 78 QSOs in 2020, but of course I also grow old.

April 12th 2022

ARI Contest

The spring part of the ARI Contest took place last weekend, I prepared the 23cm rig on Friday. And I measured: Sun noise 22.4dB (SFU111), moon noise 1.2dB and Cassiopeia A noise 2.3dB. In the evening, I made Q65-60C N2END {# 120}, KD5CHG {# 121} US CT WAS # 39, TO1Q - special prefix FG8OJ and expedition KB7Q {# 122} US UT WAS # 40. On Saturday in the Contest I made 41 QSOs, 19 QSOs CW - initials CT1FGW, IQ2DB and SP7WXY # 394. By operating Q65-60C I made 23 QSOs - initials IK7EZN, EW7CC, PE1LWT, PA0PLY, VE3KRP, KU3XO US SC WAS # 41 and K6VHF {# 129}. During Saturday afternoon, three snowstorms accompanied by snow pellets swept over my QTH and it cooled. Even on Sunday, when I changed feed in the the dish, it was no better, the snow showers alternated with clear skies.

November 22nd 2021

ARRL EME Contest

In the next part of the ARRL EME Contest I was QRV on 23cm and made a total of 104 QSOs, which is quite a good result for 17 hours of operation, when I was QRV. The activity was high and CW I made 66 QSOs and 30 multipliers, the initials were SP3YDE, SK0CT, K0PRT, SP9VFD, DL1SUZ and ON5AA # 391. I worked 38 QSOs with digital mode Q65-60C, of which 23 stations were new to me. I haven't used so much digital before and that's why so many initials. Interesting to me was the FG8OJ new DXCC, and two new US states, Montana and Rhode Island. There were a lot of US stations on QRV with digital in Contest . On the other hand, the activity from the east was very weak, only VK5MC and JH1KRC, when I compare it with the high activity of JA stations in the past. Since I have a good signal, I had a pileup on both CW and Q65-60c. I can make CW connections twice as fast as Q65-60C. It would probably be better to use the Q65-30 in the races, as recommended and operated by KA1GT. Also, selecting the CFOM mode would eliminate misalignment and speed up operation. It was an interesting comparison and I think it's good to use both types of traffic, and most stations at 23cm can.

October 28th 2021


V letošním MW části ARRL EME Contestu jsem byl QRV jen v druhé etapě, v sobotu od večera do dopoledne v neděli na pásmech 13 a 6 cm. Používal jsem sdružený ozařovač pro obě pásma a tak mi přechod u jednoho pásma na druhé trval cca 2 minuty. Na 13cm jsem udělal do závodu 16 QSO CW a 6 digi módem Q65-60C. Nové initiály byli na CW F5FEN a CT1BYM #163 a digi OK1KIR, JA6AHB, DL4DTU, CT1BYM, DL1SUZ a WA3RGQ {#28}. Přišel jsem o několik stanic, které byli QRV na 13cm jen v prvé etapě. Na 6cm jsem QRV v sobotu večer a udělal 5 stanic to byl dost velký spread. V neděli ráno byly signály lepší a tak jsem udělal dalších 5 stanic, vše CW. Žádný nový initiál, ale bylo to takové přátelské a milé setkání ze starými kamárády, kteří preferují CW. Bylo prima mít dvě pásma, vcelku bylo pořád co dělat. V neděli ráno byl na mém EME QTH mráz a mlha, a všechny části antén byly obaleny námrazou, jinak jasno a slunce.

October 3rd 2021

SV5 expeditions

Last week, the SV5 / HB9COG expedition began on the 13cm band on Tuesdy. I made the expedition by operating QA65-60C with reports 12 / -13 {# 22} and DXCC 50. We also did it on CW 559/529 # 161. I was QRV at 9cm early in the morning on Thursday and the connection of QA65-60C took place with reports 11 / -10 {# 13} and DXCC 34. CW we then made 549/52 # 69. Friday was a bit hectic. I installed the 6cm device in the morning and connected to SV5 / HB9COG only by operating QA65-60D -9 / -15 {# 16} and DXCC 38. I just had to switch to 3cm. There I gradually made QA65-60D DF2GB {59}, QA65-60C G4RFR {60} and CW then WC8VOA 579/569 # 103. The Chester Amateur Radio Association club station operates under this brand, more information is available at The station has a number of activities, including EME in the 10GHz band, where it uses a 7.2m dish with a cassegrain. On Saturday morning I did a 3cm SV5 / HB9COG QA65-60D with reports -13 / -16 {# 61} and DXCC 41. Unfortunately I couldn't be QRV on Sunday and Monday on 23cm.

August 30th 2021

The expedition TX7EME

On Sunday, August 29, I was QRV at 23cm and I gradually made Q65-60C CE3VRT, N1AV, N6NU and KB2SA. Then I worked JT65C expedition TX7EME -07 / -08. Giulio IW3HBV had an excellent signal, unfortunately his window to Europe is very short, I worked with it at an antenna elevation of 8.2º. It was a nice Sunday morning for me, which brought me 2 new DXCC (CE3VRT and TX7EME) on 23cm.

June 14th 2021

DUBUS EME Contest on 5,7 GHz

The last stage of the DUBUS EME Contest in the 6cm band took place at a not very suitable time, especially the signal spread reached a maximum of 100Hz. But the activity was good from all areas. On Saturday I made 27 QSOs new stations for me were JA6XED and IK0HWJ # 83. Especially the connection with IK0HWj was of special importance to me, it was the CW initial 1000 in the bands 432MHz to 24GHz for 28 years of my EME activity. I didn't call JA8ERE on Saturday and unfortunately DL4DTU had technical problems after QSOs with OK1KIR and DL7YC and stopped activity. On Sunday I was QRV only for the first 4 hours and made four QSOs , so my score is 31 x 28. Many stations have problems with interference from WIFI in the 6cm band, both in the EU and NA .

May 18th 2021

DUBUS EME Contest on 23cm

I prepared for the DUBUS Contest in the 23cm band on Friday, May 14 and I worked CW IK2DDR # 379 and JT65c KD5FZX and KB2SA. On Saturday I could only be QRV for the first 6 hours of the window and I made 37 QSOs, the initial was DU3T # 380 with excellent signal. On Sunday I was QRV with smaller breaks the whole window and I finished with a total score of 72 QSO x 65 multipliers, all QSOs were CW except SSB QSO with LX1DB. Other new stations for me were IK7UXW, DJ7FJ, NQ7B and KN0WS # 384. The participation of stations was high, only weaker from the east, only 1x QSO from JA, 2x from VK and the above-mentioned DU3T. Apart from the Contest, on Sunday I did JT65c IK7UXW, JH7OPT (# 92), KN0WS, and I also tested the mode Q65-60c with Zdeněk OK1DFC. Nice Contest and in my QTH pretty weather, where it rained very little, unlike perhaps the whole Czech republic.

April 20th 2021

DUBUS EME Contest on 10 GHz

The third weekend of April, when the DUBUS EME Contest took place on 3 cm, I also connected with the KB7Q expedition to various US states. On Thursday, April 15, the weather was still cold but acceptable, unfortunately it snowed on Friday night, so when installing the 23cm radiator, there was enough snow in the 10m dish. I worked KB7Q from Arkansas withou problems. DUBUS Contest in the 3cm band took place at a not very suitable date and on Saturday in bad weather in my QTH. We started with the VK3NX connection and I made a total of 22 QSOs on Saturday, I was surprised by how well the connections were made at the time of the maximum spraed. The new stations for me were SP2HMR, F2CT and OZ6OL. We also heard YO2BCT and HB9BBD. On Sunday we added another 9 QSOs and when I wanted to finish and gave the last CQ, SM6PGP called me as my 100 CW initial at 3cm. On Monday, April 19, I installed 23cm again, it was nice weather and excellent reflections at 23cm. Just before the start, Gene wrote to KB7Q that he would drive the Q65_30B mode for the first hour. I decoded the first call of the KB7Q call and then I called several times (OK1KIR probably too) until it somehow came out to me. During the connection, I had problems with the new version of WSJT-X, which is reflected in the control of the FT991A. But in the end, everything turned out well.

January 26th 2021

DUBUS EME Contest on 2,3 GHz

I was QRV in the DUBUS EME Contest only in the Saturday part and made a total of 22 QSOs, the new station for me was K3WM # 160. Outside the contest I worked JT65c 4X1AJ {# 21} and 49 DXCC at 13cm. Conditions were average and participation weaker. At night on Sunday, it cleared a little and the temperature dropped. And so on Sunday morning, when I uninstalled the feed, the dish was frozen.

January 3rd 2021

Happy New Year 2021

October 13th 2020

ARRL EME Contest

I wanted to be in the ARRL EME Contest QRV in the first part at 70cm. I installed rig on Friday and everything was fine. The night before the contest, I worked VK4EME JT65B and the next connection started to lose power. I found that a fault had recovered in one of the two SSPAs . There was no chance to replace it in a short time. So I switched to 23m on Saturday. There was high activity, we made a total of 77 QSOs. By CW operation I made 56 QSOs, initials were EA3AUC and EI2FG # 378. I did more initials JT65C: OK1UGA, RA4HL, DJ3JJ, DF2GB, RX6AIA, VK6KCC, SV1CAL, RA3EME, G7TZZ, LZ4OC, KA1GT, DL1SUZ, VE3NXK, UA4LCF, CX2SC, N1AV # 853. WA3QPX. The end of the stage was hectic, I already had an antenna in elevation below 10º and they started calling stations from NA.

September 21st 2020

A.R.I. EME Contest

Last weekend I attended A.R.I. EME Contest, on Saturday in the 23 cm band and on Sunday in the 3 cm band. On Saturday I was QRV only in the first half of the EME window, about the first 6 hours. The activity was good and I made a total of 39 QSOs. CW operation was 23 QSOs, the new station for had was UA6AH # 376 and JT65c operation I made 16 QSOs and since I didn't drive much digital it was a number of initials: IW8RRF, UA6AH, UA9FAD, DL7UDA, ON4BCV, I77FNW, DL1DWI , ON4QQ, OH3MCK, OM4XA, OK8HAK, LU8ENU, DL3EBJ and SM5DGX {# 68}. The participation of Italian stations was excellent, I made a total of 8. Unfortunately, only OK1IL and OK8HAK were active from OK. On Sunday I went 3 cm, and there I made a total of 19 QSOs. There were 9 stations operating CW, and the new station is also very happy: W3SZ # 96 at sunset. By operating QRA64d I did 10 stations initials: UA4AAV, F5VKQ, IK0HWK and F6BKB {# 52}.

September 15th 2020

ARRL EME Contest - microwave part

In this year's microwave part of the ARRL EME Contest, I was QRV in the 13cm and 6cm bands in the Saturday part and in the 3 cm band in the Sunday part. On Saturday I used a combined feed for 13cm and 6cm bands. This arrangement allows me to switch between the 13cm and 6cm bands in less than 2 minutes. I worked with CW as a priority. In the 13cm band, the activity was weaker, mainly the stations from NA were missing, I worked only WA9FWD from NA. The initials for me were OM1TF and DL4DTU # 159 and we also made 3 stations JT65c, the initial was RA3EME {# 20}. In the 6cm band I made 12 QSOs, the initial was RA3EME # 82. On Sunday I switched to 3cm. At the beginning of this part there was not much activity, the interesting CW QSO was with OK2AQ during the big spraed. I did not register any stations from VK and JA. I was QRV inthe second part of my window and I worked 8 CW QSO, no intial for me. I worked 8 QSO with QRA64d, the initials were RA3EME, S57RA, G4BAO, W3SZ, OZ1FF, WA3RGQ and K2UYH {# 48}. On Sunday, I measured the sun noise 18.2 dB and moon noise 3.3 dB.The summary result of my weekend is 49 QSO. My score for CW katagory is 38 QSO and 28 multipliers. The weather was beautiful with clear skies all weekend.

July 20th 2020

DUBUS EME Contest on 23cm

During the weekend I participated in the traditional DUBUS EME Contest in the 23cm band. I prepared the my rig on Friday, and during the tests I measured the noise ratio Sun / quit sky 20.4 dB (SFÚ 68.7), the moon had a noise 0.8 dB and Cassiopeia A 1.9 dB. I started in Contest at my moonrise at Saturday and the worked 3xVK , unfortunately the activity from JA was low this time. We had to close Saturday's window after work for half and I made a total of 54 QSOs. I started a little later on Sunday, but I was QRV again until my sunset, the last QSO I was worked at 10º elevation of my antenna. I made a total of 78 QSOs and 64 multipliers. As new stations I made UA9FAD, DK5AI, F5IGK, IK3MAC, AA4MD, SM5DGX, CT1BYM, IK3GHY and OM4XA # 375. For Fero OM4XA it was his first EME CW QSO and it had a nice signal from its 50W and 3m dish. The total score is 78 QSOs and 64 multipliers. The signals on Sunday seemed better to me than on Saturday, and I was lucky that my QTH passed storms that swept through the Czech Republic.

May 26th 2020


In the DUBUS Contest in the 13cm band, I was QRV on Saturday in the second part of the my EME window and on Sunday in the first part of the my window. It was really busy on Saturday, I made 32 QSOs and on Sunday another 7 QSOs for the final result of 39 x 37. The new stations for me were SA6BUN, DB6NT, DG2CST and F2CT # 157. Outside the Contest, I worked with JT65C expedition HB9CRQ and DL1EMA {# 19}. Wolfang DL1EMA used SDR transceiver Adam Pluto and had a good stable signal. On Saturday it practically rained all day and on Sunday before noon I had a strong storm with hail on my QTH and at that time I listened to OK1KKD outside EME also very strongly tropo with a typical spread for rainscatter.

May 5th 2020

DUBUS EME Contes on 3cm

I installed the rig with new FT991A on Friday, but it was raining in the afternoon and evening, so I stoped the test. Also on Saturday the weather was not very good, during the EME window several h heavy rain, in one case with hail, and in the evening it rained permanently. But even so, the activity on the band was great and I made 23 QSOs to the race, the new station for me was DL4DTU # 94. On Sunday, the weather in the market was better, I made another 5 QSOs to the race, so I finished with a score of 28x27. Outside the Contest I worked 7 stations by operating QRA64D, new for me were IZ4BFA, HB9DUK, UA3TCF, IK6CAK and SM6CKU {# 41}. The FT991A has proven itself in the Contest both for CW operation, easy to change the width of the CW filter, and for digi operation, where there is excellent tuning when transmitting with small steps.

March 9th 2020


I was QRV in Dubus EME contest on 3,4GHz in last weekend. In the first short section since Friday midnight the activity was pretty high and within 2.5 hours I made 16 CW OSOs. Then I continued in the second part of Saturday afternoon with the VK4AFL and PADZL, which were new initials for me.I worked 22 QSOs summary and I also worked with JT65c KN0WS and KD3UY. On Sunday morning I installed the rig on 24GHz band in dish 4.2m. It was beautiful sunny day from a clear sky and I measured the noise of the sun / the noise quite sky 14.1dB. The moon noise / quiet sky noise was 2.1 dB and dropped to 1.7 dB. After 18.30 UT, however, a little clear, the moon was visible and the moon's noise improved to 2.3dB. I was QSO with OK1DFC JT4F with reports -18 / -16 and it is my 19 station in 24GHz band. I have heard him CW during QSO with OK1KIR. Then I worked easily PA0BAT -17 / -15 and OZ1LPR -15 / -15. CT1BYM, which is a new station in the 24GHz band, I only weakly saw, but did not decode.

February 21st 2020

Nwe e-mail

I have new e-mail:

November 18th 2019

ARLL EME Contest

In the last stage of the ARRL EME Contest I was QRV in the 70cm band in the first and second part. CW I worked 14 QSOs in total, the initials were SM7THS, JA0TJU and SP9VFD # 190. Many more stations on the band were QRV operation of JT65b. I worked a total of 24 QSOs, and since I haven't worked with this operation so far, it was a series of initials, the last was K9MRI # 53. I was delighted with the new country A65BR and QRV were stations from all continents. Activity in the 70cm band was really decent, I estimate it at 50 stations. I registered OK1TEH and OK2POI from OK stations.

October 25th 2019

The expedition A21EME

Vzhledem k tomu, že jsem se nemohl připravit na 13cm v pondělí večer, instaloval jsem zařízení v úterý ráno po svítání. Po kontrole šumu měsíce (1,6dB) jsem přešel na pásmo a první signál byla expedice A21EME CW ve spojení s OH2DG. Zavolal jsem po Einovi a bez problémů jsem je udělal jako initiál 153. Slyšel jsem je na CW 559 a Dan mi psal, že jsem u nich byl 539. Pak jsem A21EME udělal JT65c, signál byl u mě -16. Na 9cm jsem byl QRV ve středu ráno od 01,00 a udělal Zdeňka OK1DFC CW a JT65c. Bohužel pokus s VK4AFL nevyšel. Když se na loggeru HB9Q před 04,00 UT objevil A21EME, upozornil jsem je, že jsem QRV a Dan odpověděl, že mám zavysílat JT65c. Bez problémů proběhlo spojení s reporty -13/-05. Je to prvé spojení na 9cm OK – A2 a 41 DXCC pro OK. Pak jsem A21EME udělal ještě CW jako initiál 64. Signál na CW byl lepší než na 13cm den před tím, až 569. Ve čtvrtek ráno po rozbřesku jsem ninstaloval 6cm a bez problémů udělal provozem QRA64D A21EME -11/-14. Spojení jsem dělal po OH2DG a po mě udělal A21EME PA0BAT. A ve stejném pořadí jsme dělali Dana CW, já jsem ho slyšel 569, on psal, že 429. Pro mě to byl 81 initiál CW a hlavně poslední QSO do WAC CW na 6cm. Odpoledne jsem si nainstaloval zařízení na 3cm s horizontalní polarizací s předpokladem pro A21EME na páteční ráno. Spojení pak proběhlo provozem QRA64D s reporty -19/-15. Ráno byl QRV také VK7ZBX a padařilo se mi ho udělat s reporty -19/-18. Richard používá parabolu o průměru 75cm a výkon 60W a měl též horizontální polarizaci. Na tuto jeho výbavu to šlo skutečně výborně.

October 21st 2019

ARRL EME Contest

In the October part of the ARRL EME Contest I was QRV on 23cm in the second and third part on Saturday and Sunday. I worked a total of 66 QSO CW, the initials were RA4HL, ES3RF, BD4SY (new DXCC), K8ZR, K6MG, WK9P and VK2FLR # 366. I made VK2FLR on Sunday evening ahead of JT65C and to my surprise he wrote that it was going to CW, where we also made it. Participation was weaker from North America, but signals excellent. Then, on Sunday evening started, the A21EME expedition, I worked them on the first call and heard them best -13dB.

September 23rd 2019

ARRL EME Contest - microwave part

I was QRV in ARRL EME Contest – microvave part on Saturday on the 13cm and 6cm bands using the combined feed for these bands. practice, In the focus of 10m dish have a feed and TRX for 6cm band and above it is located feed for a 13cm band with LNA. The 6cm band is in the right focal point and switching to the 13cm band by changing the antenna elevation + 2º. I worked a total of 13 QSO CWs on the band, the new station was PA0PLY # 152 and UA3TCF for JT65C as an initial {# 16}. On 6cm band I made CW JA4BLC, UR5LX, JA8ERE, SM6FHZ, VE6BGT and VE6TA. Due to the position of the moon was higher signal spread on this band. On Saturday afternoon I installed equipment for the 3cm band in the dish 4.2m. I went out shortly after the moonrise and worked only SP6JLW, OH2DG and OK1DFC CW in this first part. From JA stations I heard only JA1WQF of both CW and QRA64D, but I couldn't connect with CW crossband. I started morning with QSO ZS1LS {# 33} ORA64SD from JF96 and continued with several CW stations. The new station for me was WA9FWD # 93, I worked John on the sixth band. I ended up connecting QRA64D with KN0WS initial {# 34}. At 3cm I measured the level of the sun noise 18.4db over quit sky (SFU66) and the moon noise 3.4 dB. I made 28 QSO CW and 4 QSO digital in two days of operation on three bands. Both days the weather was beautiful with very low relative humidity with a minimum of 40%.

July 1st 2019

European DUBUS EME contest on 9cm

The last stage of the European DUBUS EME Contest took place on the last weekend of June and I was QRV on Saturday only. Soon after the month of the month, I tried QSO with VK4CDI, but Phil only heard me in 549 and I had no signal from him. Then there were well-known stations, from OK was OK1KIR and OK1KKD. New stations I made SM3BYA #62 and VE6BGT #63, with excellent signal. I ended up on 17 QSOs. Noise of the month was 1.6dB. My QTH was 10ºC on Saturday morning at the start of my window and warmed to 30ºC during the day. Transverter and PA, which is located in the focus of the 10m dish, worked good, but the problem was to uninstall the device in the afternoon at 30 degrees. About half an hour's stay in the dish gave me a "hard time".

June 10th 2019

Microwave EME weekend

Last weekend on EME microwave started on Friday, when was QRV Zdeněk OK1DFC from the meeting in Gajow on 24GHz with callsign SP0VHF. OK1KIR and OZ1LPR were QRV also, which I heard OZ1LPR well during the tests, so we made easy QSO at 16:57 UT by mode QRA64D -16/-15 at 150Hz signal spread. Afterwards, Zdeněk also started the tests, I started decoding it from the -18dB signal level and at 19:10 I worked him with the -18 / -20 reports. At that time I had a moon noise of 1,9dB, the weather was clear but the relative humidity was 88%. On Saturday morning started shortly after moonrise on 6cm in DUBUS EME Contest. The first QSO I made with SA6BUN followed by QSOs with JA4BLC, JA1WQF, JA8ERE. I worked SP0VHF as my 80th CW initial on 6cm band. An interesting QSO was also from TM1MOON, a special prefix for the moon's human landing. I made a total of 25 QSOs on Saturday, I missed only IK3COJ. On Sunday I was QRV shortly after the moonrise and did HB9Q and I only heard JA8IAD and JA6XED.

April 15th 2019

European EME Contest on 23cm

In the part of the European EME (DUBUS) Contest in the 23cm band I was QRV only on Saturday. Immediately after the moon, the traffic was busy and the CW connection was increasing rapidly. The expeditions VP2EMB was QRV in the evening and I made it fifth with -21dB. I continued on in the Contest and made a total of 62 QSOs, including 9 new stations. They were: LA1K, FR5DN, F2CT, DF2GB, RA2FGG, I0NAA, RN6MA, K5DOG and VA3ELE as my 359 initial. I was very pleased with the activities of OK stations, I was doing OK2DL, OK2ULQ, OK2PE, OK1CS, OK1YK and OK1IL, almost everyone with great signals. When I was in the morning on Sunday changed the feed in 10m parabola on my QTH lightly snowed, but the joy of nice traffic in the Contest could not spoil me.

March 18th 2019

DUBUS Contest on 13cm

I was QRV in the DUBUS Contest in 13cm in last weekend from Saturday 11,00 Tue to Sunday 01,00. The start was interesting with the activity of JA, 4 stations in total, of which the new JJ1NNJ # 150. Then followed VK3NX, the one at 2301.975 MHz. Were missing the stations from G, F, PA, ON, probably due to bad weather with strong wind. The new station was also UA3TCF for me # 151. The NA was not too big, the new station was WA3RGQ, with a good signal, but CW ignorance. Total I did 30 QSOs. On Sunday afternoon I was QRV for a while at the beginning of the last part, but I just heard a few known stations. Throughout the weekend, I was blowing nicely, but on my QTH, the wind speed did not exceed 5mph.

February 20th 2019

DUBUS Contest on 70cm

We participated in the weekend DUBUS Contest in 70cm CW. In the first short part of Saturday I worked with OH2DG, VE6TA, I2FHW, G0JLO, UA3PTW, K2UYH, KL6M and WA6PY. On Saturday afternoon I was QRV unfortunately only 2 hours and I worked SP7DCS, SP6JLW, DL6SH, OZ4MM, VK5MC and G3LTF. On Sunday, the activity was lower and so I still worked OE5JFL, DL7APV, SM2CEW, DF3RU and OE3JPC, total of 20 QSO. Conditions were better on Saturday than on Sunday.

January 2nd 2019

HNY 2019


December 2nd 2018

The expedition to HB0 on 3cm

I was QRV at Sarurday 1st December on 3cm for the expedition to HB0. I started after my moon rise and my first signal was VK7MO. I worked Rex very easy QRA64D -11/-14. I continued with HB0/HB9DBM -15/-17 after their moonrise. The conditions were very good, my moon noise was 3,3dB. I was watching the operation HB0 and I worked OK2AQ -12/-13 too. I had the first snow on my QTH and icing on my antenna.

October 29th 2018

ARRL EME Contest

I was actived in ARRL EME Contest on 23cm during the last weekend. I wanted priority test my new SSPA from W6PQL. I adjusted 500W at the feed of my 10m parabol dish. I was QRV only 9 hours in the Stuarday/Sunday night and I worked 57 CW QSO. Initials were RA3EME, DK5YA, SM4GGS, OK1IL, K5DN, SM6PGP and OZ9KY to bring me up #350. The new SSPA worked perfectly. I reached ten reports 599 nad sixteen reports 589. The weather made worse at Sunday morning wirh the first snow.

October 26th 2018


I was QRV at Wednesday on 10GHz for ZL/VK7MO, but Rex has heavy rain and he was not QRV. The weather at Thursday was better and I work ZL/VK7MO -15/-17 QRA64D from RE46OG, it is my ODX 17965km. I heard Rex and Charlie G3WDG during QSO, it is new WR. Rex has very good signal B -13 till zero elevation of your antenne.

September 28th 2018

The expedition 4U1ITU

Monday 24th September: I prepared in the strong wind my setup on 70cm band, but at 17 SLEC Zdeněk sent message, that 4U1ITU will be QRV on 9cm. I change bands and I work with 4U1ITU on 9cm JT4F. It is first OK- 4U1 on 9cm. Tuesday 25th September: I prepared setup on 70cm again. During tetsed I crush down power source in my PC and destroyed connected SDR. I insteled my new SDTplay and the second notebook. I had problem in the first hours activity with the local QRM and then I worked 4U1ITU JT65B without problems. I worked G0JLO too, it is new CW initials #187 for me. Wednesday 26th September: The activity on 23cm were without problems. The interest in QSO with 4U1ITU was very high and I worked Zděnek after one and half hours. Thursday 27th September: The plan of Zdenek was 24GHz and maybe 10GHz. I started on 24GHz and heard OK1KIR and G3WDG during QSO with 4U1ITU. Signal from 4U1ITU was was very weak and no decoded. The problem was with the wide spread of signal on 24 GHz. I QSY on 10 GHz a I worked 4U1ITU QRA64D -10/-10 and CW 559/539. I worked OK2AQ QRA64D and F1PYR during my activity on 10GHz.

September 3rd 2018

The activity GB6GHY from Goonhilly

The station GB6GHY from Goonhilly was QRV on 3,4GHz and 5,7 GHz in last weekend. I worked GB6GHY 599/579 #61 on 3,4GHz at Saturday and I worked GB6GHY 599/579 #78 at Sunday. I measured the level of CW signal GB6GHY 27dB opposite noise.

July 16th 2018

European DUBUS EME Contest on 9cm

I was QRV in European DUBUS EME Contest 9cm part only at Sunday. I started in VK window, but VK4CDI only heard me, he has problem with TX, and VK4AFL has problem too. I worked OH2DG, ES5PC, KL6M, SA6BUN #59, SP6OPN, DL3EBJ #60, OZ5G, DL7YC, OK1KIR, G3LTF, HB9Q, SP3XBO, OH1LRY, OZ6OL, PA0BAT, WA9FWD, K2YUH, SM6PGP, WA6PY a VE6TA, overall 20x20. I worked JT4F HA/G3WDG a I heard him also CW during QSO with G3LTF. I worked 202 QSOs on 7 bands in the European DUBUS EME Contest 2018, the result is 5940100 points.

June 18th 2018


I was QRV in European DUBUS EME during last weekend. I installed my rig at Friday and I measured ground noise 5,2dB, sun noise 18,1 dB and moon noise 3,2 dB (SFU70,8) all opposite quit sky. I began on 3cm at Saturady and I worked JA1WQF, JA8IAD and JA4BLC crossbad 10450/10368 MHz in the first time. My overall result was 21 QSO at Saturday, initials SA6BUN, DF1SR and HB9BBD #88. I began at Sunday on 10GHz QSO with VK7MO QH23 report -15/-23 QRA64D and I continued CW with JF3HUC #89, JA8ERE and JA6XED #90. The activity JA stns were very good, the good signals and no problem with crossband traffic. I finished my activity on 10GHz with F1PYR, overall 25 QSOs on 10GHz. I heard only VE4MA, DL6ABC and LX1DB. I QSY on 24GHz at Sunday afternoon and I worked OK1KIR, I heard LX1DB and OZ1LPR. I measured 1,5dB moon noise and I had weak own echoes. The weather was very nice during weekend, only 34º C in my hamsack was problem.

May 21st 2018

Weekend activity

I worked EA6/HB9COG on 13cm JT65c and CW easy at Friday 18th May. I was be QRV on 6cm in European DUBUS EME Contest at Saturday and I worked 26 QSO CW. Initials are UR5LX, SA6BUN, OK1DFC, WA6FWD and HB9BCD #77. I worked EA6/HB9COG JT65c without Contest. I was be QRV on 3cm for the expedition EA6 at Sunday and I measured sun noise 18,3dB and moon noise 3,3dB. I worked EA6/HB9COG QRA64D -15/-15 and the others: OK2AQ, OK1DFC, UN6PD, G4CBW, EA3HMJ and SP3XBO, all QRA64D.

April 23rd 2018

European DUBUS Contest on 23cm

I prepared my EME rig on 23cm at Friday 20th April morning. The expedition 3B8MB startet at midday. I worked 3B8MB JT65 -13/13 very easy. I was QRV on 23cm JT65c at afternoon and I worked BV3CE, G5DML, RU4HU, SM3KPX and UA9FA. I was QRV only one half of Saturday window in European DUBUS Contest on 23cm and I worked 39 QSO. The nice QSO was with 3B8MB CW random. I continued at Sunday EME window a my overall result in Contest is 77 QSO and 67 multipliers. My initials were DL7UDA, 3B8MB, DF2GB, PA0PLY, OK2PE and K7CA #343. I worked the expedition Z66EME JT65 at Sunday too.

March 26th 2018

EUROPEAN DUBUS Contest on 2,3 GHz

I was QRV on 13cm in DUBUS Contest during the last weekend. I testet TRX 2,3GHz from SG Laboratory during Contest traffic. TRX is very good with stable power output and simple change between the 2,3GHz subands. I worked 35 QSO, initial IK7UXW #148, during my Saturday window. I was be QRV only 4 hours at Sunday and I worked 2 QSO. The total score is 37 QSO and 36 multipliers. I worked with JT65c OK1DFC and ZS6EME without Contest.

February 26th 2018

European EME Contest on 432 MHz

I was QRV in European EME Contest on 70cm at Saturday 24th February. I worked only 16 QSOs, less than last year. I worked two initials VK5MC #185 and OK1DFC #186. I worked with JT65b JA4UMN, SM7THS, PA0BAT, UA4AAV a DL8DAU without Contest. The activity on digital traffic was better than CW. There were the very could but sunny days with northen wind.

February 2nd 2018

The activity on 24GHz

I was be QRV on 24GHz during last days. I worked at Wednesday 31thJan. OZ1LPR -15dB/-15dB in time with spread 173Hz. Peter OZ1LPR is my seventeenth station on 24GHz EME. My experiment with OH2DG was not successfull. We were QRV at Friday morgen again, I heard OH2DG, but the signal was very weak for decode QRA64D. The weather was no good for EME on 24GHz, cloudy and very high huminidity.

January 29th 2018

FUN SSB Contest 2018

I was QRV in SSB FUN Contest – 13cm part only at Friday evenning. I worked HB9Q 58/57, ZS6EME 55/55, SP6OPN 57/56, DL7YC 55/56, SV3AAF 55/57, OZ4MM 55/56, WB5AFY 55/55, K2UYH 56/56, WD5AGO 55/55, VE4MA/K7 54/55 and SSB/CW W7JM 569/55. I worked CW DJ5AR # 147. The signals on 13cm were very good from the stations with the small dish, WD5AGO 2,5m dish, DL7YC 3m dish and VE4MA/K7 2,4m dish.

December 31st 2017

HNY 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR and BEST DX to all wish Franta

November 6th 2017

ARRL EME Contest on 70cm

I was QRV on 70cm in ARRL EME Contest in the night from Saturday to Sunday. I worked 9 CW QSO, initials VK4EME, F6HLC and KF4FOV #184. I have in the repair my notebook for digital traffic and my old notebook has problem with the time syhronization. It is problem during digital traffic. I worked JT65B expedition D44TVG and anothers 6 QSOs.

October 18th 2017

The expedition 3DA0MB

I was QRV from Sunday 15th October to Wednesday 18th October on the bands 13, 9, 6 and 3cm and I worked every day the expedition to Swailand – 3DA0MB. The all QSOs were with digital mode JT65c on the bands 13cm and 9cm and QRA64D on the bands 6cm and 3cm.

October 11th 2017

The expedition OK1DFC to Ceuta EA

The informations about my activity during the expeditions OK1DFC to Ceuta EA9. 5/6th October – I worked EA9LZ on 13cm CW – it is the first OK – EA9 in this band 6/7th October – I was be QRV on 70cm CW and JT65 and I worked EA9LZ with the both modes and I worked the others 18 QSOs on 70cm. 7/8th October – I was be active in ARRL EME Contest on 23cm and I worked CW initials OK8WW, EA9LZ, IK1FJI and LA6EQ #337. I worked total 48 QSOs CW and JT65. 8/9th October – EA9LZ was be the first EME stationa on 3cm from Africa. I worked Zděnek QRA64D -15/-16 at Sunday evening and CW 559/559 at Monday morning. The QSO was the last for WAC CW on 3cm band for me. 9th October – Zděnek EA9LZ was be QRV on 6cm only digital. I worked him -11/-16. The QSO is final for WAC on 6cm mix.

September 10th 2017

ARRL EME Contest - microwave part

I was QRV in the ARRL EME Contest 2017, microwave period, only on 13cm and 3cm. In the first part worked 22 QSO on 13cm, CW initial WA3RGQ #144 and digital initials UA4HTS, OT7K, KN0WS and UW1AA #9. I was QRV on 3cm during the second part of Contest. I worked 11 QSOs, CW initials SP3XBO, S57RA and OK2AQ #85 and digital initials OZ1LPR, G3WDG and the expedition to Deleware N4EME #17. The activity on 3cm was bad, no stations from VK , JA and the bad weather in the west Europe.

August 13th 2017

VK7MO expedition

I was QRV on 3cm EME at Friday and Saturday night. I work VK7MO from PH31 at Friday QRA64D -15/-17. Rex was QRV at Saturday from two locators PH22 and PH21 and I work him from both locators. I heard the others stations : OK1KIR -10, OZ1LPR -10, OK2AQ -14, HB9Q -12 a VK3NX -11.

June 26th 2017

European DUBUS Contest on 3cm

I was QRV on 3cm at Friday afternoon and I worked JT4F OK2AQ and PA3DZL. I started in European DUBUS Contest at Saturday morning and I had the small output from my SSPA. I repaired the redukcion SMA/WR90, I had lost two hours. I worked 19 QSOs in the first path, initial was OK1DFC #80. I continued at Sunday and I worked the others 6 QSOs, initials JA8IAD and UR5LX #82. My Contest score is 26 x 23. There were good conditions the every day afternoon with small spread. I had very warm days in my QTH, but with wind. I had no problem with cooling my RIG in focus of my antenna.

May 29th 2017

European DUBUS EME Contest - 6cm part

I was be QRV during last weekend in European DUBUS EME Contest on 6cm. I worked 26 QSO with initials UN6PD and PY2BS at Saturday. The signals were the bad readable. I planed to be QRV on 23cm at Sunday, but I had the problem in the RX part. I continued on 6cm and I worked the others 6 QSO, initials YO2BCT, LZ1DX and JA6AHB #72. I worked JA1WQF, PY2BS and LZ1DX JT4F too. The activity from JA was very good – 6 JA stations. My total result is 32 QSO and 30 multipliers.

May 7th 2017

AW on 3cm

I was be QRV during the activity weekend on 3cm in the first May weekend. I worked at Friday evening CW PA3DZL and F1PYR. I was be QRV at Saturday from my moonrise and I worked crossband JA1WQF and I called many times JF3HUC, but no answer. I heard very good JA4BLC. They continued CW OF2DG, HB9Q, G3WDG and JT4F UN6PD -17/-18, ínitial for me. I worked in NA window OZ1LPR, PY2BS and LX1DB. I heard DL0SHF beacon with mode QRA64 D. The condition were not optimal for the wide spread of the signals. I was not QRV at Sunday.

May 1st 2017

European DUBUS EME Contest on 9cm

I was QRV in European DUBUS EME Contest at Saturday only 3 hours and I worked 18 QSOs. I worked at Sunday the more 10 QSOs. The overall result is 28 QSOs and 26 multipliers. Initials are OK1KKD, SP3XBO, OZ5G and WB2BYP #58. The conditions were very good and the bland weather with stronger wind at Sunday. I measured sun noise 18,9 dB (SFU 78,2) and moon noise 1,9 dB.

April 27th 2017

VK7MO on 24GHz

It is very good time for actvity on EME microwave, the distance Earth - Moon is 359327km today. I planed sked with on 24GHz with Rex VK7MO. The weather was not optimal, it was cloudy and humidity is high – 85%. I measured moon noise aftter my moonrise only 1,6 dB, the standart value is 2dB. I see Rex from the first time, the signal change from -25 to 19 dB and I worked VK7MO JT4F. It is my ODX on 24GHz – 16373 km.

April 3rd 2017

European DUBUS EME Contest on 23cm

I was QRV in European DUBUS EME Contest on 23cm only at Satutday. The conditions were very good, but the activity was lower than the last year, I have no new initial. I worked two thousandth QSO on 23cm CW with the old EME friend Stig OZ4MM. My total score is 58 QSOs and 47 multipliers. I worked outside Contest with JT65c VE4MO and G4EZP (#28).

March 13th 2017

European DUBUS EME Contest - 13cm

I was QRV in European DUBUS EME Contest on 13cm only 8 hours in the second Saturday/Sunday part. The conditions were not good with the spread of the signals. I worked 41 QSO and 35 multipliers. Initials were JA6AHB, ZS6EME, K8RZ and SP2HMR #143.

March 7th 2017

The expedition FR/DL2NUD

I planed to be QRV during the time of expedition DL2NUD to Reunion. I had problem with the strong wind in the first expedition day and I was not QRV. I worked Hermann on 23cm in the second day without problem. I was QRV on 23cm and worked JT initials VK4CDI, VK3AXH, DF2VJ, UW1AA and DL6SH #27. I worked FR/DL2NUD on 13cm at Saturday, it is my first JT QSO on 13cm. I continued JT on 13cm with OK1YK, OK1DFC, ZS6EME JT65c and ES5PC SSB. Hermann had very problems with the bad weather at Saturday and Sunday but I started on 9cm at Monday after 12,00 UT. He worked HB9Q, OF2DG, OK1KIR, OK1CA and PA0BAT and than he finished his activity. The contact with FR/DL2NUD were the last QSO to WAC on 9cm for me.

February 12th 2017

European DUBUS EME Contest 2017

I was QRV in the European DUBUS EME Contest on 70 cm in the last weekend. I was QRV only in the Saturday morning and I worked OF2DG (OH2DG), ES5PC, LZ1DX, OK1KIR, G3LTF, SP7DCS, DF3RU, UA3PTW, W5LUA, K2UYH, VE6TA, WA6PY, DL6SH and N8CQ #180. The good conditions but the low activity on CW were during Contest time.

January 2nd 2017

HNY 2017


December 12th 2016


Hermann E44HP was QRV on 9cm at Sunday. I worked him on JT65c -17 and than CW O/O initial #54.

November 21st 2016

ARRL EME Contest 2016 2. part

I was QRV in ARRL EME Contest on 23cm at Saturday. I missed VK stations but I worked in start JA8IAD and JA4LJB. I worked 23 stations overall. Initials: IZ1AEM, UA3TCF, LA3EQ, VE6BGT, N5BF and DJ3JJ #332. My total result in ARRL EME Contest on 23 cm is 78 QSO and 35 multipliers. I have Sun noise 21,4 dB (SFU 78,6) and Moon noise 1dB versus quit sky. I have the rainy weather in the all Contest.

November 14th 2016

AW 24GHz

I was QRV during Activity weekend on 24 Ghz. The perigee moon was closest and the low attenuation. I worked in the first path CW OK1KIR, W5LUA and DL7YC a JT4F OK1KIR and JA1WQF. CWNR JA4BLC and G4NNS and I heard LX1DB, IK2RTI and G3WDG. I was QRV only at Sunday evening and I worked CW G4NNS #14 and JT4F PA0BAT #5. I heard JA4BLC, JA8ERE and G3WDG CW. I measured moon noise opposite quit sky 2,3 dB. I used WSJT-X for JT4F, without problems, very thanks to Mirek OK2AQ.

October 24th 2016

ARRL EME Contest

I was QRV CW in the first path of ARRL EME Contest on 70cm at Saturday morgen. I worked 15 stations, initials DL6SH, W5LUA, OE3JPC and WA6PY #179. The QSO with W5LUA on 70cm was on seventh band EME. I heard OK2POI and OK1TEH. The others stations from OK were on JT OK2AQ and OK2PMS. I changed the feed and I continued on 23cm. I worked 55 stations, initials were RN4AT, SM7JSR and DL7YC #327. I worked no stations from VK and only two stations from JA, but the good activity was from NA – 10 stations.

October 17th 2016

Weekend on microwave

I worked W5LUA/0 at Saturday morning on 10GHz JT4F. Al worked from conference in St. Louis with portable rig – 1,1m dish and 30W and I had good signal from him around hours. I tested WSJT-X, what installed me Mirek OK2AQ. I had sked with VK7MO on 24 GHz, but the weather was bad at Saturday. We tested at Sunday, I listen four sequnce but Rex only one, the QSO was not complete. I was QRV on 13cm at Monday for XT2AFT, but Hermann was not QRV.

September 28th 2016

ARRL EME Contest - microwave part

I was QRV in microwave part of ARRL EME Contest in the last weekend. I was QRV on 13 and 6 cm at Saturday and on 13, 9 and 3cm at Sunday. The activity on 13cm was good at Saturday from EU and NA, but I worked only JA8IAD from JA. Initials for me were F5HRY, IK5QLO, WA2FGT and K1DS #139. I worked 6 QSO on 6cm, initials JF3HUC and UA3TCF #67. I am sorry I closed 2,5 hours earlier and I missed any stations on 6cm. First QSO na 3cm was SP6JLW on 3cm band at Sunday. I worked 17 QSOs and new station for me was PY2BS #79, very good signal and CW from Bruce. I worked 7 QSO on 9cm. The weather and conditions were very good during the whole weekend Score: 13cm 43 QSO x 25 multipliers 9cm 7 QSO x 6 multipliers 6cm 6 QSO x 5 multipliers 3cm 17 QSO x 14 multipliers The all QSOs are CW.

July 2nd 2016

EU EME Contest - 6 cm

I was be QRV in EU EME Contest on 6 cm only at Satrurday. I worked KL6M in first time of my window, initial and DXCC for me . The others initials were UA4HTS and OH1LRY # 65. I worked 5 JA stations, very good activity and signals from JA. My overall score 22 stns and I heard the others 5 stns.

May 9th 2016

EU EME Contest on 3cm

I was QRV in the EU EME Contest on 3cm in the last weekend. I had trouble with my signal at Saturday mornig. The problem was in the wrong connect between two ports 10MHz reference. I worked 19 QSO at Saturday, new intials were JA8ERE, DB6NT and LA8LF, the QSO is the first QSO OK – LA on 3cm. I finished at Sunday with 25 QSOs CW in Contest and 2 QSOs JT4F. The weather was very good during the both days.

April 19th 2016

EU EME Contest - 9cm part

I was QRV in EU EME Contest on 9cm during the last weekend. I worked 12 QSOs at Saturday without NA window. I continued at Sunday and finished with 20 QSOs, no new initial for me. I worked VK4CDI JT4F at Sunday, Phil had only 15 W. I think, the date of Contest was not optimal. The signals were worse with spread than on 6cm in A.R.I. Contest week before.

April 12th 2016

A.R.I. Italian EME Trophy 2016

I was QRV during the last weekend in A.R.I. EME Trophy 2016. I was QRV on 13cm and 6cm at Saturday and I worked on 6cm 12 QSOs CW and 2 QSOs JT4F. Initials were JA8IAD, OZ1LPR, DF3RU, UR7D and IK3COJ #62. I was QRV primarily QRV on 23cm at Sunday. I worked 25 CW QSOs, initials: SP9AFS, EA8FF, F6KRK and XE1XA #324. I worked 13 QSOs JT65. I have only 2 QSOs on 13cm in my log during the both day. Summary 54 QSOs on the three bands.

March 14th 2016

EU EME Contest on 23cm

I was QRV in EU EME Contest on 23cm during Saturday window nad I worked 60 QSO. There were the very good activity and the good condition, around 20 stations on my SDR sreen in the whoel time. I worked initials DK3WG, G4YTL, G4BAO and VE4MA/K7 #320. CWNR VK5FA and XE1XA. I was QRV only 3 hours at Sunday and worked 5 OSO. My summary score in Contest is 65 x 55

February 17th 2016

DUBUS EME Contest - 2,3 GHz

I prepared on DUBUS Contest,13cm part, during Friday and I measured any radio sources. My results: Sun 22,4 db (SFU 112,6). Moon 1,5 dB, Cassippeia 0,8 dB, Cygnus 0,65 dB, Omega 0,7 dB, Taurus 0,45 dB and Sagittarius 0,9 dB. I worked 37 QSOs during the Saturday part, initials OK1YK and N4PZ. I continued 10 QSOs at Sunday, initials VE6BGT and VE4MA/K7 #135. I was very good activity from NA, I worked during Contest 9 W stations and 2 VE stations. My score is 47 x 42.

January 1st 2016

HNY 2016

Happy New Year and many EME DX Franta

November 2nd 2015

ARRL EME Contest 2015

I was QRV in ARRL EME Contest on 432 MHz in the Saturdays part and I worked 13 QSO and 8 multupliers, initials SM3JQU and SM7GVF #175. I continued on 1296 MHz in the other part of Contest. I was glad to work with four OK stations and I worked initials UA9YLU, SP2HMR, LU1CGB and the expedition to Vermont N1VT #317. My total score is 55 x 18.

October 26th 2015

Activity weekend on 24GHz

I was QRV on 24 GHz during activity weekend. I worked at Friday JT4F OZ1FF # 3 -15dB/-15dB a heard CW LX1DB. I started at Saturday test JT4F with VK7MO without success. I worked CW VK3NX M/M, OK1KIR 559/549, LX1DB 559/559, F2CT M/O #12, IK2RTI O/O #13 and W5LUA 559/O. JT4F OK1KIR-13dB/-13dB and EA3HMJ heard me -14dB with only 180cm dish. I worked at Sunday CW JA1WQF O/O , JA6CZD O/O and JT4F PA0BAT # 4 -15dB/-14dB. I heard G3WDG CW and JT4F but CWNR. I changed 10GHz and I worked JT4F LU8ENU #8 -14dB/-14dB, very simple QSO and good signal from Juan. The weather was good during weekend only the humidity was very high – around 90%. Very nice weekend on EME microwave.

October 9th 2015

Activity on 3,4 GHz

I worked first QSO on 3,4 GHz JT65c with 5B/DL2NUD today. I worked also OK1KIR and I heard HB9Q, PA3DZL, PA0BAT, OH2DG and ES5PC.

September 6th 2015

ARRL EME Contest - microwave part

I am QRV in ARRL EME Contest – microwave part in weekend. I was QRV on 13 and 6 cm at Saturday and I worked 26 QSO on 13 cm, initial W6YX #131 and only two QSO´s on 6cm. I was active only 6 hours at Sunday on 3cm and I worked 15 QSO´s , inital HB9Q #74. The conditions were good but the weather was bad with strong wind and clouthy.

June 15th 2015

DUBUS EME Contest on 6 cm.

I was QRV only at Saturday in the 6cm part of DUBUS EME Contest in last weekend. I worked JA4BLC, UA3PTW, JA1WQF, ES5PC, OK1KIR, OH2DG, SQ6OPG, JA6CZD, PA3DZL, DL7YC, TM8PB, G3LTF, F1PYR, SV3AAF, SM6FHZ, G4NNS, K2UYH, LX1DB, W5LUA a VE4MA, no new initial. I only heard S59DCD, S57NML and IK3COJ. I had the thunderstorm in my QTH and I finished my activity three hours before moonset.

May 19th 2015

DUBUS EME Contest on 3cm

I was QRV in DUBUS EME Contest on 3cm during last weekend. I worked VK7MO JT4F from QF22 at Saturday morning without Contest. The activity in Contest was high, I worked 31 QSO, initilas were OK2AQ, DF1OI, VE6TA,JA1WQF and OH2AXH #72. I only heard S57NMLand WA3LBI. The conditions was better at Sunday.

April 27th 2015

DUBUS EME Contest on 1296 MHz

I was QRV in DUBUS EME Contest only 4,5 hours at Saturday and I worked 35 QSO. I continued at Sunday and my result is 71 QSO and 59 multipliers. I worked initials JA6XED, ES6FX, NC1I and N8CQ #313. I only heard OK1YK, W4OP and VE4SA.

March 31st 2015

DUBUS EME Contest on 3,4 GHz

I was QRV in DUBUS EME Contest on 3,4 GHz. I prepared my rig at Friday and I worked OK1CS, it is first QSO for Emil on 3,4 GHz. I was QRV only at Saturday and I woorked 21 QSO, initials are OK1CS and DF3RU #53. The signals were worse from EU than NA, I heard WA9FWD during 3 hours very good,

March 23rd 2015

Activity on 24GHz

I was QRV on 24 Ghz in the last days. I measured sun noise during of the partial sun eclipse in 20th March. In this day afternoon I worked OK1KIR JT4F -13dB/-12dB, my first QSO JT4F on 24GHz. I worked JA1WQF -13dB/-14dB morning at Saturday and DL7YC #11 CW afternoon. I heard me VE4MA during QSO with DL7YC. The weather were very good, clear and low huminidity.

March 2nd 2015

DUBUS EME Contest on 13cm

I was QRV in the 13cm part of the DUBUS EME Contest during last weekend. I started at Saturday with VK3NX and KL6M and continued QSOs with JA on new subband 2400 MHz. The activity from EU were very good. New stations for me were DL7YC, PE1LWT and SP3XBO #130. I worked only G3LTF at Sunday and finished with 44 QSOs and 39 multipliers.

February 21st 2015

Activity on 24GHz

I was QRV on 24 GHz at Friday 20th and I worked CW morning JA1WQF O/M #7, JA4BLC O/O #8 and JA6CZD O/O #9, very good signal in the top 559. I worked F1PYR O/M #10 at 10,40 UT . I had cloudy and high huminidity between 90 – 70% during the all QSOs. I have good own echoes.

January 4th 2015

HNY 2015


November 10th 2014

ARRL EME Contest 2014

I was QRV in ARRL EME Contest on 432 MHz and 1296MHz CW. I worked on 432MHz 18 QSO in the first 6 hours path. Initials are I2FHW, W7MEM, K4EME, K3MF, WA2FGK and SV3AAF #173. The good activity was on CW and JT. I was QRV on 1296MHz in the others part of Contest and I worked 67 QSO with only one initial W1AIM #307. The activity was very good from the all regions, I worked 12 QSOs from NA and the good result is 7 OK active stations.

October 13th 2014

ARRL EME Contest 2014 - microwave part

I was QRV in the mw part of ARRL EME Contest 2014 in the last weekend on four bands: 13cm 23 QSOs and 20 multipliers The least activity in the last years, no QSO from VK, JA and only 5 QSOs from NA 9cm 10 x 10 New stns from me are S53MM, OH1LRY and KL6M #51. Thank you Mike, I had my antenna only 6 dg. up ground during QSO. 6cm 7 x 7 I worked on 6cm only 2 hours at Saturday morning and I missed several stations. 3cm 17 x 13 The good activity in the all contest time. New for me are YO2BCT and YO3DDZ #67. Summary 57 QSOs and 50 multipliers The pleasant EME weekend with the good weather and without technical problems.

October 8th 2014

The activity on 6cm

I worked UA3PTW 569/569 # 55 today, and OH0/DL1YMK O/O #56 and new DXXC. I had moon noise 1,5 dB a Cassiopeia A 0,1 dB.

October 7th 2014

The activity on 10 and 24GHz

I worked Monday evening on 24GHz PA0BAT M/M #5 and Tuesday early morning easy QSO on 24GHz with W5LUA O/O #6. The both QSOś were during lower spread, only 95Hz, but I had the high huminidity 80 – 90%. I worked on 10GHz in Monday evening OHO/DL1YMK on 10 GHz too.

October 6th 2014

The weekend on 24GHz

I was QRV on 24GHz during last weekend. The sked with VK3NX was not successful at Saturday, Charlie had the strong wind in your QTH. I worked V3NX O/O and DF1OI O/M at Sunday. The QSO with DF1OI realized during the 210Hz spread. The both days was the high huminidity around 80% in my QTH but I registered my echoes at Sunday.

September 21st 2014

Activity on 10 GHz

I worked 19th Septemer OK2AQ on 10GHz JT4F report -15dB/-15dbB, it is my first digital QSO on 10 GHz. I continued on 10GHz CW at Saturday 20th September and I worked UA4HTS, SM6CKU #63, OH2DG and SM4DHN #64. Ben SM6CKU worked with the circular polarization with good signal.

September 14th 2014

A.R.I. EME Contest 2014

I was QRV in A.R.I. EME Contest at Saturday 13th on 23cm. The activity was low and I worked only 18 QSO, initials I5YDI and TI2AEB # 306 and new country for me. I heard the expedition from Cyprus – 5B tradic JT65 549, but they were not QRV on CW. I had plan to be QRV on 13 and 6 cm at Sunday, but the heavy rain finished my activity.

June 21st 2014

Activity on 10 and 24GHz

I worked LX1DB O/O #2 on 24GHz at Friday 20th June. I have cloudy, temp. 14dg. and huminity 65%. Noise moon was 2dB and I heard owvn echoes before QSO. Signal from LX1DB was 559 in the top, spread was 150Hz. I worked UA4HTS 559/549 #62 at Saturday 21th June. It is first QSO for Toly UA4HTS on 10GHz.

June 3rd 2014

DUBUS EME Contest on 1296 MHz

I had problem with strong QRM in my 2m IF of 23cm TRX before Contest at Saturday morning. I changed the frequency of LO TRX and the new IF 146MHz was good. I worked 65 QSO at Saturday and 14 QSO at Sunday. New stations: SP6MLK, S53MM, ON5GS, YL2GD, RT7A and UA9YLU # 304. CWNR NC1I, VE4SA, VA7MM and PA2DW. Very good aktivity, particularly from Europe. It was pleasant finish of DUBUS EME Contest 2014.

May 26th 2014

DUBUS EME Contest 10GHz and up

I worked in DUBUS EME contest on 10GHz: VK3NX, SP6JLW, JA4BLC, F1PYR, JA6CZD, HB9SV, ES5PC, PA0BAT, DL7YC, OK1KIR, F5IGK #, F5JWF, IZ2DJP #, IW2FZR, RA3EC, HB9BHU and WA6PY at Saturday. Followed OZ1LPR #, S57NML #, LX1DB, TM8PB #61 and OH2DG at Sunday to 10,00 UT. I QSY on 24GHz and I worked CW OK1KIR O/M #1 and I only heard W5LUA 549. The weather was not good, it was heavy sky and QSB of the 24GHz signals. My rig on 24GHz: 4,2m dish, LNA DB6NT NF 1,5dB and SSPA DB6NT max. out. 12W. Thank You all for nice mw EME weekend.

May 5th 2014

DUBUS EME Contest on 3,4 GHz

I was QRV in the DUBUS EME Contest – part 3,4 GHz in the last weekend. I start at Saturday late and missed east window, becouse I had fault on the cable in the dish. I worked S59DCD, SP6OPN, PA7JB #43, OH2DG, G4CCH, SP6GWN, G3LTF, G4NNS, OK1KIR, DL2LAC #44, ES5PC, WA9FWD, K2UYH, DL7YC, VE6TA, SM6PGP #45, W5LUA, K5GW a HB9Q. At Sunday worked VK3NX and VK3NX SSB, VK4CDI #46, LA8LF, PA3CQE #47, S57NML, OZ6OL, PA0BAT and 9A5AA #48. I heard several times G3WDG and I missed DF3RU, DL1YMK a SP7JSG. My score 27 x 26 and 6 initials. I believe, the summary is 32 stations QRV in Contest on 3,4 GHz .

April 7th 2014

DUBUS EME Contest on 5,7 GHz

The 5,7 part of DUBUS EME Contest were in the last weekend. I worked 31 QSO at Saturday and 3 QSO at Sunday – summary 34 QSO nad SSB QSO with TM8PB. I worked 9 new staions (initials) for me. The activity was very good from Europe , four stations from JA and the others. I missed K5GW and several times CWNR G3WDG.

March 10th 2014

DUBUS EME Contest on 2,3 GHz

I was QRV in DUBUS EME Contest on 13cm in last weekend. I improve my feed with the simple choke and I reduce ground noise by the low elevation of my antenna. I work without the problem QSO by the elevation of my antenna about 4 degree. I work 45 QSO at Saturday and I was QRV only 3 hours at Sunday, together 47 QSO. Initials were UA4HTS, UA3PTW, ON5RR, HB9BCD a DJ3FI #126.

February 10th 2014

DUBUS EME Contest on 432 MHz

I was QRV on 70cm in the first part of DUBUS EME Contest during last weekend. I worked 19 stations at Saturday, initials OK1TEH, DL7UDA, F6HZL and DL5FN. I worked only 4 QSOs at Sunday, initial JE1NTL #168 and special prefix W1AW/4 from WA4NJP, summary 23 QSOs. CWNR PA2V and IK2OFO.

February 2nd 2014

23/70 SSB EME Contest

I was QRV in SSB EME Contest during the last weekend. I was QRV an 432 MHz at Saturday and I worked 6 SSB QSO nad 1 QSO SSB/CW with VK3UM, UA3PTW, LZ1DX, DL7APV, DF3RU, K2UYH and SM2CEW. The activity were better on 1296 MHz at Sunday. I worked 23 SSB QSO and 1 QSO SSB/CW. The station with the least equipment was 9A5AA with the only 2,4m dish and 200W.

December 31st 2013

HNY 2014

Happy New Year and the best QSOs wish Franta

October 28th 2013

ARRL EME Contest 2013

I was QRV in the October part of ARRL EME Contest on 23cm. There were the good activity and I worked 75 QSO with the 7 initials. I installed new LNA design G4DDK. I measured the sunnoise 24,5 dB (SF160,6 !) at 24.10., moon 1,1db, Cassiopeia 2db and Taurus 0,85dB.

October 3rd 2013

ARRL EME Contest 2013 - microwave part

I was QRV in ARRL EME Contest – microwave part in the last weekend. I was QRV on 13 and 6cm at Saturday fist part and QSY on 3 cm after four hours. I had trouble on this band and I finished my activity after QSO with DL0EF . I was QRV on 13 and 9 cm at Sunday. My summary is 35 QSO on 13cm, 9 QSO on 9cm and 1 QSO on 6 cm and 3cm. I worked Michael MJ/DL1YMK on 13cm and 9cm during Contest. I had the combine feed for 13 + 6 cm at Saturday or for 13 + 9 cm at Sunday. My switching time between the both bands was less 2 min.

September 26th 2013

The expedition M&M on 6cm

I worked Michael MJ/DL1YMK #46 on 6cm today. The signal was weak but clear in the bad weather and not good conditions.I worked F1PYR yet.

September 25th 2013

M+M Expedition

I am back via EME after 3 months and I work Michael MJ/DL1YMK #42 on 3400MHz. It si the first OK - MJ QSO on 3400MHz. I work PY2BS also #43. I measured Sun noise 20,3 dB a Moon noise 1,7 dB today on 3400MHz.

June 17th 2013

DUBUS EME Contest on 2,3GHz

I was QRV in the DUBUS EME Contest – part 13cm during last weekend. The weather were good in the both days, but I think the signals were better at Sunday. I worked 41 stations, I missed time to NA at Saturday.The initilas were SM6CKU, OZ5G, YO2BCT and SP7DCS #119.

May 20th 2013

DUBUS EME Contest on 5760MHz

I was QRV during DUBUS EME Contest of the part 5760MHz. The activity was good at Saturday and I worked 25 QSO, only CWNR CT1DMK. I was QRV only three hours at Sunday and I worked JA8ERE and JA6CZD. Sum total was 27 QSO and initials on 6cm: SP7JSG, F2CT, G100RSGB, ON5RR, SM6PGP, WW2R, K2UYH and G4CCH #46. The interesting QSO was with SM6PGP,with the only 1,8m dish. The weather was very good for microwave , clear with SE wind.

May 17th 2013

DUBUS EME Contest on 1296MHz

I was QRV in DUBUS EME Contest on 23cm in the last weekend. The good activity were particularly at Saturday from the all regions. I worked 7 stations from Italy, for example. I was not QRV in the all time and I worked 52 QSO. The new for me were OK1KKD, YO3DDZ, OH1LRY,JH3EAO,SM6CSO and IZ2DJP #289.

April 17th 2013

DUBUS EME Contest on 10 GHz

Very good activity were in the DUBUS EME Contest 10GHz part. I worked 21 QSO,three initials IW2FZR, SV1BTR and SP6JLW. CWNR JA1WQF and W6YFK.I was be about 30 minutes on 24GHz, but only on receiving my first signals EME on 24GHz - OK1KIR, LX1DB and the same big signal - 559 was W5LUA.I had moon noise 1,9dB in this moment. The weather was very good during Contest days, especially at Sunday.

March 18th 2013

DUBUS EME Contest on 432MHz

The first EME activity in tis year was DUBUS EME Contest on 432 MHz. I tested my new SSPA with around 800W, the power was limited of the power supply. I had -12 degrees of Celsius and I had ice on my 10m dish at Saturday morning. I worked 23 QSO at Saturday only and my power supply worked out after QSO with NC1I. The activity on 432MHz EME is no much high in this time.

January 1st 2013

HNY 2013

Happy New Year and many EME QSOs to all.

November 5th 2012

The ARRL EME Contest - November part

I was QRV in the November part of ARRL EME Contest on 23cm and I finished with score is 68 x 33. I worked initials with OK1CS, UA5Y, UA4AAV, W6YX, ON5TA, RK4CR, IK6EIW, SP3XBO, IK5VLS and W3HMS to bring me to initial #283. There was great aktivity from all regions during the contest. I think that the conditions for EME were not optimum, I had the short failures of the signals from the some stations. I had bad weather with rain too.

October 9th 2012

ARRL EME Contest 2012 - microwave part

I was QRV in the mw part of ARRL EME Contest on 13, 6 and 3cm. I installed the feeds for 13 and 6cm (with rig) to 10m dish, the switch time between 13 and 6cm was less 2 min. I worked on 13cm 35 QSO and 25 multipliers, initials R3YA and WB5AFY. I worked on 6cm 14 QSO and 12 multipliers with initials JA1WQF, DF1SR, K1JT and my score on 3cm is only 2x2. Totals score is 51 x 39. I was not QRV at the last Sunday part and I missed JA stns. The weather during Saturday night and Sunday was bad, heavy rain and wind. The situation was not good for microwave. The ARRL EME Contest collided with European UHF/SHF Contest, I heard several tropo stations. I plan to by QRV on 23cm in the November part of ARRL EME Contest.

September 10th 2012

Activity weekend on 10 GHz

I worked during activity weekend 13 QSOs on 10 GHz - K5GW#51,OK1KIR,G4NNS,UZ5DZ#52,OH2DG, PA0BAT#53,WA6PY,K2UYH#54,IK2RTI,SP7JSG,9A5AA#55(new country),VE4MA and G3WDG. I had very good weather during both days.

June 25th 2012

DUBUS EME Contest on 5,7 GHz

I was QRV in the 6cm part of DUBUS Contest in last weekend. I worked 26 QSO and 25 multipliers. Initials SV1BTR, PA3DZL, JA8ERE, PY1KK (new country a continent), F1PYR and G3LQR. I was not QRV at Saturday NA Window and I missed W5LUA and WD5AGO. Very good activity and the best result on 6cm for me.

May 20th 2012

The expedition M & M 2012

The expedition Michael & Monika is QRV from TK – Corsica. I worked at Thursday 17h May TK/DL1YMK on 23cm, new country for me. Michael was QRV at Saturday 19th May on 13cm with call TK/SA6BUN. I worked with you first QSO and it is first QSO OK – TK on 13 cm.

May 1st 2012

The first QSO OK - HB0 on 3400 MHz

At Tuesday I worked the first QSO OK - HB0 on 3400 MHz with HB0/DF1SR - reports 579/539. It was the first EME contact from HB0 on 3400MHz.

April 30th 2012

DUBUS EME Contest 2012

I worked in the first part DUBUS Contest 2012 40 QSO only during 6 hours at Saturday. The good activity followed at Sunday and I worked 56 QSO in all, initials ON5TA (new country), PA7JB, OK2ULQ, SP7JSG, F1PYR, OK1KKD, IK3COJ and IK6IEW #113. The good activity and good weather, only strong wind .

April 29th 2012

HB on 6cm

The expedition in this year to HB0 was QRV on 6cm also. I worked HB0/DF1SR with report 559 for you. I worked in sum 5 initials and 4 new countries on 6cm in the afternoon.

April 2nd 2012

DUBUS EME Contest on 10 GHz

The weather during the DUBUS EME Contest 2012 - 3cm part was very bad. I have in my QTH the high wind and rain with snow at Saturday , the situation was better at Sunday. I worked first QSO at 14 UT Sunday with F2TU and follows OK1KIR, F5JWF, F1PYR #45, SM7FWZ #46, OH2DG #47, LX1DB, DL0EF, UR7D #48, PA7JB #49, ES5PC, DL7YC #50 and very strong WA7CJO. The six initials a three new countries is good result. I was be QRV with 3m dish and 23W output at the feed.

March 5th 2012

DUBUS EME Contest on 3400MHz

I am back via EME for the 8 months and I was be QRV in the DUBUS EME Contest on 3400MHz. I worked OZ6OL and DL7YC before Contest at Friday I was QRV only at Saturday in the contest and I worked ES5PC, G3LTF, K2UYH, K5GW, WA6PY, WA9FWD #, W5LUA, OZ6OL, VE6TA, OK1KIR, PA3DZL #, DL1YMK, S57NML #35, S59DCD, DL7YC and PA0BAT. CWNR LA8LF. I had QRM from tropo stations worked in the I.Subregional.

January 1st 2012


Happy New Year and many nice QSOs from Franta OK1CA

September 16th 2011

Today I got DUBUS 3 / 20011 with complete results DUBUS EME Contest 20011, excellent results OK stations: the first place OK2DL 23cm, 13 cm and multiband OK1CA and OK1KIR 9,6,3 and 1.2 cm.

September 12th 2011

40 years of DUBUS

This year, the FM commemorate a significant anniversary, it is 40 years since the group started its activities DUBUS we know about most of the same issue of the magazine with the theme of the VHF / UHF / MW. All history and other information are on page DL7QY. DUBUS Group aaaaaa aaa aaa first began publishing in 1972, newsletter. With this newsletter DC7AS I got almost the beginning and the oldest copy of the first page number, which I enclose. In addition to publishing a newsletter and magazine, then the group participated in a number DUBUS FM activities, as they were during the seventies pop balloon smugglers and ARTOB BARTOB.

September 6th 2011

Today I received from the organizer DUBUS EME Contest diplomas, 23cm - 3místo, 6 cm - 2 place and first place at 13 cm and Multiband category. The overall results, but do not know.

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