OK1CA – EME history

1993 The first EME QSO on 432MHz with OK1KIR, antenna 10m dish, used feed with dipol&reflector, horizontal polarization, TS811 + PA RA025XA 200W , LNA MGF1302
1994 The feed dipol&reflector modified to rotary polarization, FT736R + LF filter
1995 The first QSO on 1296MHz with OK1KIR, antenna 10m dish, cassegrain feed configuration using horn feed with septum polarizer, FT736R + PA 2C39BA 50W , LNA MGF1302
1996 WAC 432MHz
Change to PA 2x2C39BA 150W on 1296MHz
1999 The first QSO on 2,3GHz with OZ4MM, antenna 10m dish, cassegrain configuration using horn feed with septum polarizer, FT736R + TRX DEM + PA 7289 50W and LNA ATF36077
2000 SSPA 70W on 2,3GHz
2001 The first QSO on 10GHz with OK1UWA, antenna 3m dish with horn feed, FT736R + TRX DB6NT + SSPA 9W + LNA DB6NT
2002 The first QSO on 3400/3456MHz with W5LUA, antenna 3m dish, FT736R + TRX DB6NT + SSPA 15W, LNA ATF36077 + RX/3456MHz AR3000
The first EME QSO on 3,4GHz in OK, the world record on 3,4GHz EME
2005 SSPA 200W on 2,3GHz,
SSPA 500W on 1296MHz
2006 The modification of the dish 10m, the feeds placed to focus point. The feeds are the square horns with septum polarizers.
2007 The first QSO on 5,7GHz with F2TU, antenna 4,2m dish, FT736R + TRX + SSPA 12W + LNA (all DB6NT construction)
The new transceiver FT897D (replacement of FT-736)
The multifeed for 2,3GHz and 3,4GHz in the dish 10m
2008 WAC 1296MHz, WAC on 2,3GHz
The first digital contacts (JT65) on 1296MHz
2009 The installation of the rotary polarization on 10GHz
The installation of SDR as the second receiver for all used bands

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