Last news: June 10th 2019 - Microwave EME weekend
Last weekend on EME microwave started on Friday, when was QRV Zdeněk OK1DFC from the meeting in Gajow on 24GHz with callsign SP0VHF. OK1KIR and OZ1LPR were QRV also, which I heard OZ1LPR well during t   more…



Frantisek Strihavka

Kuttelwascherova 921

198 00 PRAHA 9




I was born in 1943 in Unhost near Prague, and here I also began the first interested in amateur radio since 1960 in the club station OK1KVA. First, as a listener OK1-636 and since 1962 I own license, first under the call OK1AIB and in 1982 I changed it to OK1CA. Right from the beginning of my amateur radio activities I was interested in VHF and I was lucky that I have 25 years to ride to Snezka, the highest mountain in Bohemia. Here I spent the summer in a beautiful time of tremendous growth in traffic on VHF, the onset of microwave bands and new technology.
I have always considered the peak of activity on VHF EME connection. I was at the first attempt Czech OK1KIR EME in 1975 and heard the first signals over a moon. In 1993, I had the opportunity to occasionally use a 10 m parabolic antenna at the Observatory of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Panska Ves near Ceska Lipa. And so I make the initial EME QSO 25th November 1993 in 432MHz band and coincidence with OK1KIR. Gradually I built equipment for other bands, so currently I am QRV on EME bands from 432MHz to 10GHz. This site is dedicated to my work just EME, for years I have no other amateur radio activities.

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